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Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Charlie Peters in 4.12 ‘Lazarus’ (Shameless)

Annnnndddd now I know why I found him so fucking attractive

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one time i actually thought i had a chance with someone 


Panic! at the last minute because i didn’t do my homework

mocking as the jay

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teen wolf problems


season one: accidentally changes eye color on lacrosse field 

season 3b: mass murder in hospital 



Hannibal Meme → 5 Characters

↳ [1/5] Will Graham

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Allison’s dead. I guess the only good thing is it looks like I’m dying, too.

Okay I have some fucking beef; I got on tumblr to fucking mourn and pay respect to a really important character to me and all I see is bitching and whining can’t we have two fucking seconds to mourn instead of immediate bitching please shut the fuck up this is the worst fandom and I’m fucking glad I’m not a part of it anymore

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allison argent died this night protecting her friends and living by her code that she made and don’t any of you fucking forget it

i won’t LET you fucking forget it